Care Quality Commission criticised by MPs

A report by the Health Select Committee has been highly critical of the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The Health Select Committee claim that the CQC had carried out only 2,000 inspections of hospitals and care homes between October 2010 and March 2011, compared to 7,000 in the same period in the previous year and concluded that the regulator was not carrying out its core functions of protecting the “health, safety and welfare” of people using services.

The CQC was created in 2009 as a “super regulator” to oversee GP’s, hospitals and care homes.  All such bodies are required to be registered by the CQC.  In the past, inspections by the CGC have uncovered unsafe practices and failures in many NHS organisations. The CQC has the power to take enforcement action against bodies who fail to act upon its findings and recommendations.

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Posted 15th September 2011 | Posted in News,Uncategorised