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Expert medical negligence advice for injured patients

Gadsby Wicks is a firm of specialist medical negligence solicitors based in Chelmsford, Essex. We represent patients who have been harmed because a hospital, doctor, nurse or surgeon made a mistake in the course of their medical treatment.

If you have suffered an avoidable injury or a worse prognosis due to a misdiagnosis or unacceptable standard of care, we think you deserve expert help and support to deal with the consequences.

Dedicated to helping injured patients, our medical negligence solicitors are highly trained and experienced in every type of medical negligence claim, especially cases that are complex or result in life-changing injuries.


£ millions in compensation achieved each year

  • Cerebral Palsy and other birth injury claims, including injury to the mother
  • Cancer misdiagnosis or delays in diagnosis
  • Surgical complications
  • Cosmetic surgery claims
  • Delayed treatment
  • MRSA and other infection claims
  • Anaesthesia errors
  • Misdiagnosis made by hospitals, GPs or clinics




No Win No Fee guarantee

  • No upfront costs
  • Nothing to pay during the case
  • Nothing to pay if you lose
  • No hidden costs

No obligation, confidential advice




Experts in handling claims against the NHS and private healthcare providers

Medical Negligence Solicitors in Chelmsford, Essex

Conveniently located in the heart of Chelmsford, we have helped many clients throughout Essex, Greater London, the South East, East Anglia (and beyond) to secure the medical negligence compensation they are legally entitled to.

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What is Medical Negligence?

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What is medical negligence?

Medical negligence means that harm has been caused through medical treatment because the care you received was not up to the accepted standard. Medical negligence (also called clinical negligence) can happen in a number of situations which include: when there are problems during labour, leading to a birth injury to the baby or injury to the mother when…

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How long will my claim take?

It can take 12-18 months to investigate a medical negligence claim. Most cases are then settled but, if a claim goes all the way to Trial, it can take a number of years to reach its conclusion. Particularly complex claims, such as those involving birth injuries and catastrophic injury, can take several years to determine the…

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Can I get Legal Aid?

If the claim relates to a brain injury suffered by a child at, or around the time of, birth, it may be possible to arrange for it to be funded through the Legal Aid Scheme. In that event, the Legal Aid Agency will be responsible for all of our fees and expenses and both you…

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How much will it cost me to make a claim?

If we take on your medical negligence claim and you are not eligible for Legal Aid, we will offer you a Conditional Fee Agreement which is known as a ‘No Win No Fee’ Agreement. This means that you will not need to pay anything upfront, there are no hidden costs and you pay nothing if…

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What can making a medical negligence claim achieve?

Court proceedings are extremely costly, stressful and time consuming.  Therefore, it is important to understand what we can and cannot achieve.  We are lawyers and our role in helping you to bring a claim for medical negligence is to try to obtain financial compensation for the injury that has been have suffered.  Whilst we try…

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Why make a claim for compensation?

Sadly, accidents happen and people - even doctors - make mistakes. If a medical accident or error happens that should have been avoided, it is called clinical or medical negligence. By law, people who have been injured in this way are able to make a claim for compensation. Compensation can provide much-needed financial help for people who have lost earnings and/or are facing costs of care or equipment needed as a result of the injury. As in other professional environments, hospitals and clinics are required to take out insurance to help cover the financial costs of events caused by negligence.

Why choose Gadsby Wicks?

We have the specialist legal expertise that is necessary to help you get the compensation you deserve. We only deal with medical negligence and only work on behalf of people injured in this way. It's all we've ever done and we commit ourselves to giving you the level of care and support we know is needed to help guide you through your claim, as smoothly as possible.


Gadsby Wicks lawyers are highly trained professionals, considered to be among the best medical negligence solicitors in the country. All undertake rigorous ongoing professional training in both the law and medicine and most are APIL senior litigators. In fact, we were the first firm in England with more than 2 lawyers with this high level of accreditation.


But, it's not just our expertise that sets us apart. Because of our experience, we also understand the emotional strain that a medical accident or error in treatment can have on you and your family. That's why, your dedicated lawyer will work closely and carefully with you to build the strongest case for you and to minimise the stress involved in making a claim.

  • No Win No Fee
  • 1,000s of successful claims
  • £millions in compensation achieved
  • Personal service
  • Expert legal advice

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Our Latest News

Monday 15 April 2019

Buyer beware – medical negligence claimants need experienced legal representation

A recent High Court ruling has highlighted how important it is to choose a legal adviser with the proper qualifications and expertise, when making a medical negligence claim. In a case concerning an unqualified adviser, Judge Jennifer Eady, QC, found that George Rusz and his firm Troy Lucas and Co in Romford were professionally negligent…

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Thursday 4 April 2019

Gadsby Wicks announces retirement of medical negligence lawyer Jane Canning

On March 29th, we said a fond farewell to one of our longstanding colleagues who has announced her retirement.  Litigation Executive, Jane Canning has been with Gadsby Wicks since 1996 and has enjoyed a successful career at the firm.  An accredited APIL Senior Litigator with experience in handling a wide range of medical negligence claims,…

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Cerebral Palsy – £250,000

Sarah* was starved of oxygen at birth after signs that she was in distress were missed and delays in her delivery and resuscitation. She was severely disabled with multiple health complications throughout her life. She sadly died aged 5. ….

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