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Birth Injury to Mother Claims Solicitors

Did you or your partner suffer an injury before, during or after childbirth due to substandard medical care? Let us help you get the answers and compensation you deserve.

Having a baby should be a time for celebration. But if healthcare professionals miss warning signs or fail to take proper care, new or expectant mothers can suffer life-changing physical and mental trauma.

If you or someone you love sustained serious harm during your pregnancy or in childbirth, we can pursue a birth injury to mother claim on your behalf. With over 30 years of specialist experience supporting new parents, let us help you secure compensation, find answers and fight for your right to justice.

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Do you have a birth injury to mother claim?

Avoidable perineal tears. Failure to manage preeclampsia. Mistakes during a caesarean section. Negligent acts by an obstetrician, doctor or midwife can cause severe trauma that turns the joy of childbirth into an ongoing nightmare.

If you suffered injuries in pregnancy or childbirth that affected your relationships and quality of life, you may be entitled to make a birth injury to mother claim. With our expert legal advice, you can hold those responsible for your pain accountable and take huge steps to secure your financial future.

Our clients don’t pay a penny unless we win their case.

  • No win. No fee.
  • No hidden costs
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Gadsby Wicks Legal process for birth injury to mother claims made by specialist lawyers and solicitors

The specialist birth injury to mother claims solicitors for Essex & East Anglia

If you’ve been let down by your healthcare professionals, our trusted birth injury solicitors have the experience and expertise to guide you to a successful claim.

Since 1993, we have represented mothers across Essex, East Anglia and beyond, and won millions in compensation. Handling your claim with total professionalism and sensitivity, we help you build a watertight case to achieve a fair settlement, working on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis so you never need to worry about legal fees.

What does our birth injury to mother claims process look like?

Free consultation: Legal process to validate a negligence claim
A free initial consultation

Call us, request a callback or complete our online form and we’ll assess if you have a valid medical negligence claim.

Funding your claim and no win no fee: Legal process for a negligence claim
Funding your claim

Discover the ways we can fund your claim without you paying a penny at any stage of the process.

Evidence investigation: Legal process for a negligence claim
Investigating evidence

We gather medical records, witness statements and more to learn what happened to you and prove your claim.

Medical experts to review your case: Legal process for a negligence claim
Instructing independent medical experts

We work with impartial, experienced medical experts to establish whether your injuries were due to substandard medical care.

Valuing your claim for compensation: Legal process for a negligence claim
Valuing your claim

We assess your health and financial losses to accurately estimate how much compensation your claim is worth.

Presenting your case: Legal process for a negligence claim
Presenting your case

We contact the Defendants and the Courts on your behalf to set out your allegations and receive a response.

Negotiating a settlement: Legal process for a negligence claim
Negotiating a settlement

We work to achieve a fair settlement for you outside the courtroom – this is how 96% of our cases end.

Litigation and preparing for trial: Legal process for a negligence claim
Preparing for Trial

If we must proceed to Trial, we fully prepare you for what to expect so you receive the right result in court.

We believe everyone has the right to justice, no matter their financial circumstances. At Gadsby Wicks, we ensure you can claim without ever paying anything upfront – guaranteed.

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What you need to know about birth injury to mother claims

How do birth injuries to mothers happen?

Pregnancy and childbirth place the mother’s body under a huge amount of strain and, unsurprisingly, some women will suffer injuries throughout their pregnancy.

This can range from vaginal tears and excessive bleeding to the risk of a uterine rupture, where the wall of the uterus tears.

While some complications are unavoidable, if the action or inaction of a healthcare professional was the cause of an injury, or makes it worse, there may be grounds to make a birth injury claim.

What is the claims process when a new mother is injured?

If you or someone you care about has unfortunately suffered a maternal birth injury, navigating the legal process can be overwhelming, especially if you are trying to claim while looking after your newborn and other children.

To make the litigation process as easy and stress-free as possible for you, we utilise a simple eight-step legal process to help you achieve the compensation and outcome you deserve. We pride ourselves on being completely transparent about your claim so you always know exactly what to expect.

How will injury claims compensation help me?

When the happiest day of your life is marred by trauma, the medical claims compensation you could receive from a successful birth injury claim is designed to help you return to the position you were in before you were mistreated. Or, when this is not possible, support you and your family for whatever the future holds.

  • Compensation can support you and your loved ones in many areas, including:
  • Adaptations to the home such as additional toilet facilities
  • Ongoing care and assistance
  • Physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and other recurring therapies
  • Psychological therapies
  • Services you can no longer complete, such as childminding or cooking

The amount of compensation awarded by the court is determined on a case-by-case basis. A judge will consider the overall impact of the injury and the influence it is likely to have in the years ahead.

Be wary of any medical negligence firm that immediately provides anything more than a guesstimate of the value of your claim. This can only be accurately determined after careful examination of the evidence and discussion with relevant medical experts.

How are birth injury to mother claims funded?

The perceived costs of pursuing a medical negligence claim can be off-putting for many. We offer our specialist legal expertise on a 'no win, no fee' agreement. This means your legal fees are paid only if your claim is successful, and only from the compensation you receive – you don’t pay us a penny if we don’t win your case.

To fund litigation, legal expense insurance policies can also be arranged by our specialist solicitors. In these agreements, insurance companies foot any unforeseen costs upfront and take a share of the success fee from your final settlement.

How can I know a mother’s birth injury is due to negligence?

While many birth injuries cannot be prevented, if healthcare professionals fail to monitor patients or provide substandard treatment, this can be grounds for an injury to mother negligence claim.

To prove whether the injuries endured by a mother before, during or following childbirth were due to negligence, it is important to ask:

  • Did one or more healthcare professionals breach their duty of care to the mother?
  • Did the mother suffer pain, injury, loss or damage during their treatment?
  • Was this suffering a direct result of the breach of care?

As experienced birth injury claims lawyers, we examine all available evidence to establish whether you have a valid claim, and how much compensation you are entitled to:

  • Medical records
  • Medical expert opinions
  • Personal statements
  • Witness statements
  • Photographs
  • Complaints correspondence

How long does a birth injury to mother claim take to settle?

The severity and complexity of birth injury compensation claims will vary from case to case, making it impossible to immediately offer a specific timeframe for your claim.

In most cases, we would anticipate an injury to mother claim to take between two and five years to settle. But this will vary depending on the stance the defence takes, whether or not court proceedings are required and the availability of impartial medical experts.

Contact our expert birth injury to mother claims solicitors

If you or a loved one suffered an injury before, during or after childbirth and would like to discuss your options, our team is here to listen and advise you on your next steps.

  • We are the only medical negligence specialist firm in Essex & East Anglia
  • 96% of our cases are successfully resolved outside of court
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