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What constitutes a spinal injury claim?

Spinal injury compensation can be pursued for one of two reasons. Either there was an injury caused to the spine during surgery, or a failure to spot a condition which went on to cause an injury to the spinal cord.

Failure to spot a developing spinal cord injury

There are many symptoms that can be a sign of compressed nerves, including loss of bladder, bowel and sexual function. When these symptoms are brought to the attention of a medical professional, there is a small window of opportunity to identify the underlying issue and operate. When this doesn’t happen, it can lead to the person losing control of certain body functions and potentially result in paralysis.

Spinal cord injury during surgery

Spinal procedures are performed for countless reasons, including for those requiring decompression surgery or fusion surgery. The spinal cord can be injured when things go wrong during surgery and, depending on the exact point that’s damaged, will impact the body and potentially lead to life-changing complications.

What can spinal injury compensation help with?

This very much depends on the nature and ramifications of the injury. If the individual is paralysed, they will need constant care and assistance, and adapted accommodation amongst other things. Physiotherapy, occupational therapy and loss of earnings from being unfit to work are all aspects that may be considered when it comes to making a claim.

If a medical professional is responsible for your spinal injury, we can investigate the circumstances surrounding what went wrong, build a strong case for you and seek the compensation to help you deal with life moving forward.

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