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Birth injury problems in antenatal care

There are numerous causes for a baby growing in the womb to be starved of oxygen or to suffer in some other way. The purpose of antenatal care is to help prevent and eliminate as many of these as possible. The aim is that if the mother has pre-eclampsia, obstetric cholestasis, diabetes or some other risk factor, then steps can be taken to reduce the possibility of harm to the baby. If these steps are not taken and the baby suffers as a result, there may be grounds for a birth injury claim.

Birth injury problems during delivery

All babies are at risk during delivery, whether naturally, using forceps or ventouse, or by Caesarean Section. If the birth is mishandled, the baby can suffer broken bones, nerve damage and even brain damage from oxygen starvation. Oxygen starvation can lead to a child developing lifelong disabilities, such as Cerebral Palsy.

Should your family have experienced anything like the above, you can talk to our medical assessment team about whether you could have a claim and be entitled to medical negligence compensation.

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