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Cancer Misdiagnosis


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Who can be responsible for a cancer misdiagnosis?

Whilst nobody wants to hear that they have cancer, the sooner it is diagnosed and treated, the better. Misdiagnosis can lead to delay in treatment, which can make a significant difference to your quality of life, the treatment options available to you and your chances of recovery. If those delays were due to negligence of your GP, consultant or hospital and could have been avoided, you may be entitled to cancer misdiagnosis compensation.

Have you suffered because of a cancer misdiagnosis or delayed cancer diagnosis?

If there is a delay in diagnosis of cancer, this can mean that the treatment you require is different and that your long-term prognosis is worse. For instance, you may now need chemotherapy in addition to surgery compared to six months earlier when surgery alone would have been enough. Or you may need a mastectomy for breast cancer when earlier diagnosis might have led to you just requiring a lumpectomy and not losing your breast. Your chances of five-year survival may also have been reduced.

Ways that cancer misdiagnosis and treatment errors can happen:

  • Failure of the GP or hospital to recognise potential signs of cancer
  • Failure to order the appropriate diagnostic tests or refer to a specialist
  • Mistakes in interpreting test results
  • Delays in contacting the patient to inform of test results leading to lack of follow-up
  • Misdiagnosis of the stage or type of cancer leading to ineffective treatment
  • Mistakes made during administering treatment
Types of Cancer Misdiagnosis Claims

If you believe one or more of these errors has happened to you, we can put together a compelling case for your cancer misdiagnosis claim.

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