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Birth Injury Claims

Stillbirth Claims


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Understanding what happened

During pregnancy, medical mistakes can have a significant impact on a growing baby. There are some warning signs that, when missed, can result in devastating consequences for the baby.

Neonatal stillbirth claims

Many causes of concern can and should be picked up on during antenatal appointments, such as if the baby isn’t moving as much, their heartrate has decelerated, or their growth rate has slowed.

Complications during delivery

Labour can be a stressful time for mothers and babies. When labour is prolonged, appropriate action must be taken to avoid serious birth injuries. When this doesn’t happen, the infant can get distressed and suffer hypoxia, which can lead to Cerebral Palsy.

We know we can’t undo what has happened, but we can seek accountability and answers for your family. Our expert medical team works with our lawyers to get to the bottom of the negligence that took place, and recover damages to help support your life moving forward.

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