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Making a birth injury claim

Pregnancy and childbirth place the mother’s body under a huge amount of strain and, unsurprisingly, some women suffer injuries. Whilst many are unavoidable, if the action or inaction of a health professional causes an injury, or makes it worse, there may be grounds for a birth injury claim.

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Care before, during and after the birth

Before the birth, poorly managed conditions - such as gestational diabetes - can cause problems for the mother. If labour is inadequately monitored, signs that assistance is needed to deliver the baby can be overlooked. This can lead to injuries to the mother that may not have happened if the medical professionals had acted more promptly. Incorrect stitching of the perineum after the birth, or missed signs of perineal injury or wound infection can also cause painful complications.

Birth injuries to mothers can be devastating. If a similar experience has occurred for you or a family member, it’s important to think about the longer-term implications of the birth injury, and what additional support you may need moving forward.

What about perineal tears?

There are many different degrees of perineal tears, and unfortunately up to 9 in 10 women will experience them during childbirth. There are occasions when a medical professional can overlook high-risk factors, cause a delay in diagnosing a tear, not identifying it at all and not treating signs of an infection.

Perineal tears in childbirth can be physically and emotionally devastating – speak to our team if you believe you have a case.

Should you wish to know your options, you can speak to one of our team who can talk you through whether you could be entitled to compensation.

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