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What is the gallbladder and why is it important?

The gallbladder stores bile, an acidic substance that can help the body break down fat during the digestive process.

Depending on an individual’s diet and genetics, gallstones can form in the gallbladder. The presence of these stones is common and does not always produce symptoms themselves, but occasionally they can block the flow of bile to the stomach and trigger certain symptoms. These include:

  • Severe and sudden abdominal pain

  • Nausea and vomiting

  • Yellowing of the skin and eyes

  • A lack of appetite

Infographic stats image showing 50,000 people undergo gallbladder surgery every year

Common types of gallbladder surgical procedures

As the gallbladder is not an essential organ, medical professionals often recommend a cholecystectomy to surgically remove it and prevent further pain and suffering if someone is suffering from gallstones. There are a number of types of gallbladder removal surgery:

  • A laparoscopic cholecystectomy, otherwise known as keyhole surgery, is a common procedure that uses small incisions in the abdomen to remove obstructions

  • Open cholecystectomy involves a surgeon making one large cut to the abdomen to remove gallstones

In other cases, endoscopic retrograde cholangio-pancreatography (ERCP) can clear blockages in the gallbladder using an endoscope without the need to remove the organ.

How is damage to the gallbladder caused?

While gallbladder surgery complications are infrequent thanks to advancements in modern medicine, there is still a chance that mistakes can happen during any operation and cause damage in the short and long term. There are numerous ways this can happen:

  • A surgeon may mistake landmarks inside the body and damage nearby structures, especially during an endoscopic procedure

  • A lapse in concentration at a crucial moment could result in a surgeon mistakenly cutting the wrong area, damaging nerves and blood vessels

  • A medical professional may fail to double-check that they have performed an action correctly, or assume that it has been performed correctly

In addition to surgical errors, a negative outcome during gallbladder removal surgery could come as a result of medical negligence before, during or after surgery.

  • Poor consenting may result in patients not being made aware of alternative procedures or the risks of a particular treatment

  • Too little or too much general anaesthetic could result in a patient experiencing heightened awareness during an operation or unnecessary risks to health

  • Improper post-surgery monitoring may fail to spot signs of a bile leak or bleeding before it leads to severe illness or injury

If these surgical mistakes resulted in avoidable pain and suffering for you or a loved one, you may have grounds to make a gallbladder claim for compensation.

What kind of damage can be caused during gallbladder surgery?

Complications during surgery that cause injuries can and do happen. If a medical professional fails to take proper action, possible consequences include:

What can go wrong with gallbladder surgery - Infographic image

When gallbladder surgery goes wrong, a person’s life can be impacted in a number of ways. At a minimum, additional surgeries will be required to correct problems caused by the first procedure, which could leave additional scarring and require a longer stay in hospital.

Digestive issues may also emerge after an improper procedure. This may cause intermittent diarrhoea or constipation and can make certain tasks like travelling or socialising unpleasant and embarrassing.

Beyond the physical consequences of substandard care, poor treatment can have devastating impacts on a patient’s emotional and psychological wellbeing. For instance, relying on friends, family or carers for assistance may impact a patient’s self-esteem.

How do I know if surgical errors were caused by medical negligence?

Not every mistake a person suffers during a procedure will provide grounds for a gallbladder surgery negligence claim. It is only when the actions or inactions of a surgeon are deemed substandard that someone may pursue compensation.

For instance, if a patient has undergone several surgeries in the past, the position of certain landmarks may have changed. In these circumstances, damage caused during a procedure may be considered acceptable due to the irregular positioning of these landmarks.

However, if a surgeon performs an operation on an individual who has never had surgery before, their anatomy is likely to be as expected. As a result, it would be more difficult for a surgeon to justify any damage caused during treatment.

To determine whether medical oversight was to blame for the injuries that occurred, we investigate all available evidence and talk to trusted, impartial surgeons. By understanding what happened to you, we can work toward the best possible outcome and help you secure the justice and compensation you or your family are entitled to.

Trusted solicitors for gallbladder compensation claim cases

Trusted solicitors for gallbladder claim cases

As qualified and specialised medical negligence solicitors with over 20 years experience, we are experts at handling gallbladder claim cases.

Our credentials and established reputation mean that hospitals and trusts are willing to work with us, and often recommend us, to seek fair outcomes for claimants to receive the compensation they deserve.

Trust us with your compensation claim and contact us today to see how we can help you.

How can gallbladder surgery claim compensation help me?

The consequences of clinical oversight during the procedure to remove your gallbladder can be temporary or life-changing. As a result, the amount of compensation awarded in these types of clinical negligence cases will vary.

To cover any changes to your home, work or social life, the settlement awarded can be used to pay for aids around the home, adaptations to vehicles and any medicine or treatment required after surgery.

In addition to this, financial support can be used to recover any loss of earnings suffered as a result of extended time away from work.

Our team can help you claim for the compensation you deserve and the answers you need. Get in touch today.

How long do gallbladder surgery claims take to settle?

In our experience, we would expect a claim of this nature to take between 2 and 5 years to reach final settlement. However, the timeline of a case can vary depending on the stance taken by the defendants and the availability of relevant medical experts.

If the defendants admit liability before resolution or there is a high probability that the defendants will be found liable, you may qualify to receive interim payments.

How long do I have to claim?

Like many medical negligence claims, a person has three years to start a claim. When an injury is not immediately apparent, the time limit begins from the date of knowledge.

There are exceptions to this. Young people under the age of 18 have until their 21st birthday to make a claim against medical errors, and there is no time limit for anyone who is mentally incapacitated.

If three years have passed since your injury, the Court does have the discretion to allow a claim to be brought beyond this threshold. If you believe you have a case, please contact us so that we can discuss your individual circumstances.

Where do I start with a gallbladder surgery claim?

To guide you through this crucial process, our dedicated legal expertise is founded on decades of service and countless successful cases against NHS trusts, private hospitals and healthcare professionals.

In order to ensure you receive the justice, answers and compensation you are entitled to, our specialist medical negligence solicitors thoroughly investigate all available evidence, including medical records, witness statements and testimony.

We also seek the opinion of trusted medical experts to better understand your situation and accurately quantify the value of your claim.

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If you would like to know more about Gadsby Wicks, the legal advice we offer and how we can help pursue a successful medical negligence claim, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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