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What is Erb’s Palsy?

Erb’s Palsy is a form of obstetric brachial plexus disorder, and is caused by damage to the nerves during birth. There are a number of nerves which are responsible for different movements in the arm, and damage to any or all of these nerves can leave the child with a disability, the form and severity of which depend on which nerves have been damaged.

How is Erb’s Palsy caused?

When a midwife or obstetrician is concerned about a birth for one reason or another, there can be increased pressure to get the baby out quickly. While there are a number of approved procedures to ensure smooth delivery, if the person delivering the baby pulls too hard, that can result in an injury to the nerves in the baby’s shoulder. This is more likely to occur in diabetic mothers, as they are more likely to give birth to larger babies.

Screening mothers prior to delivery and offering a Caesarean section can prevent birth injuries like this occurring.

How does Erb’s Palsy affect a child’s life?

The spectrum of injury is vast and entirely individual to the child. It can range from a transient weakness of the arm, elbow or shoulder, through to restricted growth and loss of function. Some children can’t use their arm or hand at all, and others will have little limitation.

The physical impact on a child can be significant and they also face the emotional trauma of needing assistance at school, not being able to ride a bike and potentially missing out on other key childhood milestones. Erb’s Palsy claims are about getting answers and getting your child the support they deserve.

We recognise that mistakes can happen, but when completely avoidable events cause a child to have lifelong difficulties, we believe they deserve justice.

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