More Maternity Units To Have No Doctors

Many hospital maternity units could be replaced by units run by midwives.

The government has announced proposals to remove maternity units headed by doctors from many local hospitals and to replace them with units led by midwives either in hospitals or at separate clinics, with doctors available only at “regional super centres”.

At Gadsby Wicks we have experience of cases involving midwife led units.  From that experience, we are concerned that the proposals may be detrimental to some mothers and their babies.

Midwife led units do not have a doctor on site and so midwives cannot ask a doctor for advice or to see a patient about whom they have concerns.  If a woman needs to be seen by a doctor, or if an emergency develops, an ambulance must be called to transfer her to the nearest maternity unit.  This causes delay.

When problems develop during labour, any delay can have catastrophic consequences for both mother and baby.

If more midwife led units are set up and, at the same time, more maternity units with doctors closed down, it is likely that more mothers and babies will face delays in being transferred to a see a doctor and that some mothers and babies will be injured as a result.

Posted 6th February 2007 | Posted in News,Uncategorised