No call centres, no teams – personal service and specialist expertise

Be it a query about your utility bill or a complaint to your local council, there is a frustration that unites many of us:- having to explain our request to one faceless person after another as our call is passed through several departments before we finally get to speak to someone who can help.


And, what if you have to go through the same process again each time you call? Well, not only can it be irritating and time consuming, it can also be disheartening and put some people off standing up for their rights.


Service is key to success


Of course, these examples are part of everyday modern life as we navigate ways of making sure we are treated fairly. However, when it comes to more serious matters, how our queries are dealt with becomes increasingly more important.


Continuity, attention to detail and less stress


By the time they approach a solicitor to help them make a claim, people who have been harmed by negligent treatment have often already tried, unsatisfactorily, to get answers to their questions about what happened to them.


They are also having to cope with the consequences – some of which can be devastating. We think that people in this situation deserve to be treated in a way that gives their claim the best prospects of success. We think that this is best done personally.


“Time and again, our clients tell us how helpful it is to have a dedicated solicitor handling their claim” says Gillian Gadsby, specialist medical negligence Solicitor at Gadsby Wicks. “It gives them continuity, assures attention to detail and means that they don’t have to keep going over the painful details to explain their situation again and again.”


Compassion and professional expertise


Medical negligence claims can be complex, stressful, take time to conclude and can involve life changing injuries. At Gadsby Wicks, we feel that a claimant should be guided through their claim with the compassion and professional expertise that is needed to help them achieve the answers and the compensation, they deserve.


With us it’s personal


We don’t use call centres and you won’t be passed around a team. From your initial enquiry, one of our medically qualified advisers will discuss the details of what happened with you. If we take on your claim, an expert lawyer with the relevant medical negligence experience will be dedicated to your case. They will be your personal contact throughout and will be familiar with all the details and stages as the claim progresses.


If you, or someone you love, have suffered because of medical negligence, our expert lawyers can help. Please contact us on 0800 321 3112 or email us here to make an enquiry.


You may also be interested in Gillian’s explanation of how we handle a claim. Please click here to view.

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