Families need answers when a baby dies

When a baby dies, it is one of the most devastating experiences for a family. Coming to terms with such a loss is both traumatic and unbearably painful. Whilst the grieving process is an individual one, there are a number of practical things that bereaved families have said have helped them. This includes getting answers to help them understand why it happened and what is being done to stop it happening again in the future.



If the loss has happened because of medical negligence and could have been avoided, it is vital that the family gets support to find the information they need to help them deal with the consequences.


Failure to identify the signs of infection


At the inquest into the death of three-day-old baby Logan Baker, held in August, Broomfield Hospital accepted that their clinical failings had led to the tragedy. As reported in the Essex Chronicle, Logan had been born prematurely and had contracted e-coli, most likely at birth. His mother had a urinary tract infection and both she and Logan should have been treated with antibiotics and monitored closely. However, they were sent home two days after he was born, despite him having been noted as crying inconsolably and vomiting. He was rushed to hospital the following day as his condition deteriorated but he sadly died early that afternoon.


Broomfield Hospital accepts responsibility for clinical failings

As a result of the hospital’s own investigation, a number of changes have been implemented at the Trust to help improve patient safety. These include changes to the questions asked by nurses to enable better and swifter identification of infection risks to mothers and their babies.


Tami Frankel, specialist medical negligence Solicitor at Gadsby Wicks, represented the family at the inquest.


“When a tragedy happens – especially one that could have been avoided – it is so important for those who have suffered to know what happened and why and that someone has taken responsibility. The Baker family suffered a terrible loss and we were pleased to have helped them achieve the verdict from the coroner that they needed. Whilst it won’t bring Logan back, the family were encouraged to hear that the Mid Essex Trust has implemented a number of procedural changes in response to his death.”


The importance of accepting responsibility


Importantly, the Trust accepted responsibility for the mistakes that happened in Logan’s case and is acting on the findings of both the coroner and its own internal investigations. These are key actions that hospitals can, and should, take whenever such tragic events happen in order to help families who, like the Baker family, suffer because of a medical mistake.



If you or someone you love have suffered the loss of a baby through medical negligence and need help in getting the answers you need, please contact us on 0808 159 2018 and speak to one of our medically qualified advisers or email us here to make an enquiry.

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