Cancer treatment cover-ups at Colchester General Hospital to be investigated by Essex Police

The latest blow to the reputation of Colchester General Hospital was dealt today with allegations that information about patients’ cancer care at the Trust was falsified in order to meet targets on waiting times.


Sir Mike Richards of the Care Quality Commission has expressed concern about discrepancies between the hospital records regarding waiting times and those detailed in individual patient records. In the damning report – the results of a CQC inspection which took place in August and September this year – senior management were criticised for not properly investigating concerns raised by staff over changes to people’s records.

Care records of 61 patients were examined and, of these, 22 people were said by the CQC to have been “put at risk of receiving care that was unsafe or not effective, due to delays in receiving appointments or treatment.”

Whilst the NHS is dear to our hearts, we cannot accept people’s lives being put at risk in order to meet a target on waiting times. When such a scandal arrives on your own doorstep, it brings it home how devastating it must be for someone with cancer to find out their treatment has not been handled appropriately.

6,000 people a year receive cancer treatment at the Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust. If one of your loved ones was among these, wouldn’t you expect them to be properly treated? And, if there were any problems, wouldn’t you rather they were addressed instead of covered up?


At Gadsby Wicks, we work with people throughout England and Wales who have suffered from medical negligence, and we have handled many claims from patients at Essex hospitals including Colchester. The Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust is now recommended to be put in special measures, which could mean new management or another Trust being put in charge. The spotlight is now shining on how it will recover from such shocking revelations of patient care being sacrificed in the name of policy and processes.


If you have been adversely affected by treatment at Colchester General Hospital or any other NHS Trust, call us on freephone 0808 115 6189 to discuss whether you may have a claim. See a selection of case studies on medical negligence claims handled by our specialist medical negligence solicitors.


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