Missed Safety Alerts “Putting Patients At Risk”

A report by the charity Action against Medical Accidents concludes that patients are being put at risk by the failure of NHS organisations to act upon safety alerts.

Patient Safety Alerts are issued to warn of known and avoidable problems that have repeatedly harmed or killed patients.  The alert not only warns of the risk, but sets out actions that should be followed to reduce the risk.

The report found that 63% of NHS Trusts, bodies responsible for the provision of hospital and healthcare services, had at least one safety alert which had not yet been acted upon.  The total number of alerts which had not been implemented was reported to be 1242.  Examples include warnings advising healthcare workers on the risk of overdoses with injectable medicines, which had not been acted upon by 67 NHS Trusts.

The National Patient Safety Agency, the government body who issue the alerts, has stated that some NHS Trusts are slower than others to implement safety alerts because of the size of the organisation, the differing ways in which they are run and staffing levels.

13 August 2010

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