Patient Safety Risked By Shortage Of Doctors In A&E Departments

The College of Emergency Medicine, the body for doctors working in accident and emergency departments, has criticised the staffing levels in hospitals across the country.

The College’s incoming President, Dr John Heyworth, says that the number of senior doctors employed in accident and emergency departments needs to be doubled in order to provide adequate cover.

The College says that all patients should be reviewed by a consultant, but that in practice, this is not happening, particularly at busy times, and doctors in training are delivering most of the care, a situation that the College describes as inappropriate.  Dr Heyworth states that doctors in training cannot reasonably be expected to deliver the same care as experienced practitioners.

Accident and emergency departments see patients with a wide range of injuries and illnesses, from the trivial to life threatening, and so it is essential that those patients are seen by an appropriately skilled doctor who can make the appropriate diagnosis and instigate the appropriate treatment.

Posted 9th December 2008 | Posted in News,Uncategorised