79% Of Neonatal Units Understaffed

A report commissioned by the premature baby charity Bliss has discovered alarming shortages of staff in neontal units.

Neonatal units care for newborn babies who require special care, because they are premature, underweight or suffering from an illness or injury.  These units include special care baby units and neonatal intensive care units, commonly known as “SCBU” and “NICU” respectively.

The study surveyed 194 neontal units across the UK and found that 79% of them did not meet the staff quotas required to meet the recommended level of care to babies in neontal units, and half of them had closed to new admissions during the previous five months.

In their report, Bliss recommend that more doctors and an additional 1,700 neonatal nurses be recruited to meet demands.

Posted 15th October 2008 | Posted in News,Uncategorised