Shortages Of Neonatal Nurses Hits Care

A report prepared by MPs has found a worrying shortage of staff on neontal units.

The number of babies requiring admission to neonatal units continues to increase, with one in ten babies requiring such care, but the number of skilled nursing staff employed to care for those babies has not increased to meet the demands of patient numbers

The report states that the serious shortage of nurses could have major implications for patient safety.

The National Neonatal Nurses Association are also critical of the staffing levels in neonatal units at many hospitals.  They recommend as best practice a staffing ratio of one nurse to each child in a neonatal unit, on the basis of a study showing that in each hour a nurse spends 56 minutes carrying out necessary tasks.  Despite this, many neonatal units operate with one nurse for every two babies, which they say means necessary care is not being carried out.

Posted 17th June 2008 | Posted in News,Uncategorised