Doctors Criticise Sterilisation Of Surgical Implements

Doctors have launched an attack on the contracting out of sterilisation of surgical equipment.

The Royal College of Surgeons surveyed 250 of its members and found widespread reports of poor sterilisation procedures, leading to operations being cancelled because equipment was unavailable, not properly cleaned or had been damaged by contractors.

The British Orthopaedic Association echo the criticisms.  They report members having found equipment packs for orthopaedic surgery to be incomplete and even containing equipment appropriate for gynaelogical procedures wrongly included, leading to operations being cancelled.

Although there are no known cases of a patient being injured by the use of poorly sterilised equipment, there is obviously concern amongst doctors that this may happen.  Similarly, it is perhaps inevitable that patients will be harmed by the cancellation of much needed operations due to a lack of proper equipment, or surgeons having to use incorrect equipment.

Posted 25th April 2008 | Posted in News,Uncategorised