New NHS Recruitment Policy Leads To Hospital Chaos

Patients and staff across the NHS face chaos as over 30,000 new junior doctors take up their posts on 1 August.

In previous years the influx of junior doctors has been staggered, which allowed hospitals to manage the induction process.  However, this year, as part of a controversial government shake up of the recruitment of doctors, all new junior doctors are to start on the same day.

The new recruitment system has led to a last minute rush to fill vacant posts and hospitals not knowing how many doctors they will have, leading to clinics and operations being cancelled.  Ian Wilson, the deputy chairman of the BMA’s consultants’ committee said, “Any forward planning has been impossible.  It’s inevitable that more operations and clinics will have to be postponed.”

There is concern that the number of new staff is such many junior doctors will be arriving for work at hospitals today not knowing where wards are, where equipment is, or even where items as simple as a form to request an investigation is found.

The problems caused by the recruitment policy, the large influx of staff on a single day, and the cancelling of clinics and operations can only be to the detriment of patients.

Posted 1st August 2007 | Posted in News,Uncategorised