Report Criticies NHS Funded Private Treatment Centres

Private hospitals carrying out NHS surgery may compromise patient safety.  That is the conclusion of a report by the Healthcare Commission, the government body with responsibility for registering and monitoring clinics within the scheme.

The NHS funds operations in a number of private hospitals in order to reduce waiting list times, with approaching one in ten routine operations carried out in a private hospital.  Surgery is often carried out by surgeons brought in from overseas.

Among doctors there is concern about patient safety and the training of surgeons working at the facilities.  The Royal College of Surgeons was quoted by the Times (18 January) as awaiting evidence that patients were receiving “sustained safe and quality surgical care”.  The British Orthopaedic Association has reported that they are seeing the results of botched surgeries at such centres.  The Times claims that one in five hip or knee operations carried out under the scheme are botched, resulting in the patient requiring further treatment.

The Healthcare Commission themselves are concerned that there is a lack of reporting of the outcomes of surgery performed at the centres, meaning that they are unable to measure the success or otherwise of centres and the surgeons who operate at them.

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Posted 18th January 2007 | Posted in News,Uncategorised