New compensation scheme for birth injuries welcomed

A new scheme to help families of babies injured at birth has been proposed by Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt. The Rapid Resolution and Redress scheme aims to provide more efficient settlement of birth injury claims and access to compensation to help towards providing for the care needs of the child.


Along with campaigners and disability organisations, lawyers at Gadsby Wicks have welcomed the announcement but urge caution in the absence of the scheme’s detail – including eligibility, the processing of claims and levels of compensation.


England trailing behind in birth safety rates


England has one of the highest rates of avoidable birth injuries to babies in the developed world. It also has one of the worst records of stillbirths and neo-natal deaths.


“Anything that provides proper compensation in all cases where there has been avoidable harm is laudable,” says Tami Frankel, specialist medical negligence solicitor. “And if, as part of the scheme, there is learning which reduces future numbers of babies being injured through medical error, then that is even better.”


Rapid Resolution and Redress Scheme must be practical


The scheme is to be voluntary, with families retaining the right to pursue a legal claim if they wish. However, with the scheme currently in consultation, the details are yet to be confirmed.


“We support the aims of the scheme in principle” continues Tami, “particularly in fostering greater transparency in the NHS and aiding swifter resolution for families. However, the rules on how it is to work in practice will need scrutiny to ensure the intentions are truly realised.”


For over twenty years, Gadsby Wicks have achieved successful outcomes for families who have suffered through medical negligence, including those whose babies have been injured at birth. See here for a selection of our case studies


If you – or someone you love – have experienced a birth injury and you think it was caused by a medical error, our expert lawyers can help. Please call us in confidence on 0800 321 3112 or email us here to make an enquiry.


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