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Problems with Anaesthetic


What problems can occur with anaesthetic?

While many patients feel relief after their operation, there are a small number of patients who are left with serious long-term side effects because of problems with anaesthetic. Complications can arise from both general and local anaesthetic, including from epidurals used in childbirth. The administering of anaesthetic is a vital part of most surgical procedures and anaesthetists are highly trained medical doctors. They must calculate the dosage, taking into account the patient’s condition and the type of surgery and must balance the risk of using the anaesthetic with keeping the patient stable.



What is an anaesthetic error?

When mistakes happen, it is often due to unforeseen circumstances (such as equipment errors), negligence or failing to administer the correct dosage. Mistakes can lead to a number of injuries including paralysis or even death. Negligence includes damage caused by an anaesthetist's poor technique - such as miscalculating the dose or not intubating correctly - or insufficient monitoring. On rare occasions, patients report being aware during an operation, despite having been given anaesthetic. This can be particularly distressing and can lead to them developing post-traumatic stress disorder.


Some of the problems leading to anaesthetic claims

  • Anaesthetic awareness
  • Damage caused by poor technique
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Equipment malfunction
  • Insufficient monitoring
  • Miscalculation of dose of anaesthetic drugs
  • Nerve or spinal damage leading to paralysis
  • Seizures

No Win No Fee

  • Pay nothing upfront
  • Pay nothing as the claim progresses
  • Pay nothing if you lose

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What is medical negligence?

Medical negligence means that harm has been caused through medical treatment because the care you received was not up to the accepted standard. Medical negligence (also called clinical negligence) can happen in a number of situations which include: when there are problems during labour, leading to a birth injury to the baby or injury to the mother when…

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How long will my claim take?

It can take 12-18 months to investigate a medical negligence claim. Most cases are then settled but, if a claim goes all the way to Trial, it can take a number of years to reach its conclusion. Particularly complex claims, such as those involving birth injuries and catastrophic injury, can take several years to determine the…

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Can I get Legal Aid?

If the claim relates to a brain injury suffered by a child at, or around the time of, birth, it may be possible to arrange for it to be funded through the Legal Aid Scheme. In that event, the Legal Aid Agency will be responsible for all of our fees and expenses and both you…

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How much will it cost me to make a claim?

If we take on your medical negligence claim and you are not eligible for Legal Aid, we will offer you a Conditional Fee Agreement which is known as a ‘No Win No Fee’ Agreement. This means that you will not need to pay anything upfront, there are no hidden costs and you pay nothing if…

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What can making a medical negligence claim achieve?

Court proceedings are extremely costly, stressful and time consuming.  Therefore, it is important to understand what we can and cannot achieve.  We are lawyers and our role in helping you to bring a claim for medical negligence is to try to obtain financial compensation for the injury that has been have suffered.  Whilst we try…

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Anaesthetic awareness during surgery to repair pelvic floor – £16,500

Mrs Sams was undergoing surgery for the repair of her pelvic floor. During the operation she regained consciousness for a period of between 8 and 15 minutes and was able to see her reflection in the theatre lights, feel incisions and hear voices. She suffered a severe stress reaction after the operation. We pursued a claim…

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