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Birth injury rates in Britain the second highest in Western Europe

Posted 17th June 2015

Britain now has the second-worst infant mortality rate in Western Europe and lags behind most of Eastern Europe in its provision of maternity care – according to figures disclosed from a study by the University of Leicester. However, behind the figures, there is another story.   Failure to learn from mistakes One of the significant…

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Failures in Essex Health Services – new “success regime” announced

Posted 8th June 2015

There will doubtless be a mixed reaction to the news that health services in Essex – along with those in North Cumbria and parts of Devon – will soon come under the control of NHS Regulators.   Specialist medical negligence solicitor, Alan Mendham, explains why: “The Chief Executive of the NHS has conceded that there…

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Every day in the UK, three people will suffer a spinal cord injury

Posted 15th May 2015

Figures estimate that there are currently around 40,000 people in the UK living with a spinal cord injury. Such injuries are permanent and can change a person’s life – and that of their loved ones – drastically. Today is Spinal Cord Injuries Awareness Day, an annual event that aims to highlight the causes of spinal…

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Number of “never events” at Colchester Hospital are highest in the country

Posted 6th May 2015

NHS England provisional figures have raised concerns over the high levels of serious incidents at two NHS hospitals in Essex. In 2014 – 2015, Colchester Hospital University NHS Trust and Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust feature first and third highest respectively in the number of “never events” that occurred in England.   Additionally, Colchester Hospital…

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No call centres, no teams – personal service and specialist expertise

Posted 2nd April 2015

Be it a query about your utility bill or a complaint to your local council, there is a frustration that unites many of us:- having to explain our request to one faceless person after another as our call is passed through several departments before we finally get to speak to someone who can help.  …

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Patients to be warned of risks to help them make informed decisions

Posted 16th March 2015

Last week, the Supreme Court gave a decision that has redefined the law on informed consent to medical treatment. The Court was considering the case of Mrs Montgomery, whose son was born in 1999 with Erb’s Palsy and Cerebral Palsy as a result of his shoulders getting lodged in the birth canal during delivery –…

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Are home births safer than hospital?

Posted 13th February 2015

Maternity care in this country has developed considerably over the past fifty years. Along with improvements in ante-natal care, pain management and medical interventions, incidences of babies and women dying during or after labour are now, thankfully, an exceedingly rare occurrence in today’s society. Sadly, mistakes do sometimes occur – often as a result of…

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Medical negligence compensation is not a windfall

Posted 29th January 2015

If you were injured during an operation, or had to face invasive treatment because your GP had failed to diagnose your cancer symptoms, what would you want to happen next? For someone to acknowledge what happened? An apology? Compensation?   From our experience, someone whose life has changed as a result of a medical accident or…

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Concern continues about patient safety at Colchester General Hospital

Posted 27th November 2014

Safety for patients at Colchester General Hospital continues to be a major concern after the recent surprise inspection resulted in people being told to stay away from A&E unless they had serious or life-threatening injuries. The ‘major incident’ came at a time when figures show an unprecedented number of people attending A&E across the country.…

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The cost of preventable pressure sores

Posted 26th November 2014

  This month, attention is being drawn worldwide to the issue of pressure ulcers – a painful, distressing (and largely preventable) condition that costs the NHS more than £3.8million each day and is a key indicator of nursing care.   Pressure ulcers – the facts 700,000 people are affected by pressure sores each year 186,617…

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