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What is breast surgery negligence?

There are many different factors that can lead to breast surgery not going as expected or promised. Sometimes the aesthetic isn’t quite right – such as if the breasts don’t match – or there can be infection or complications including necrosis of the nipples, prominent scarring or wounds that do not heal. When these issues are caused directly by a surgical error, this is considered breast surgery negligence.

What does a breast surgery compensation claim pay for?

Often when a cosmetic complication takes place during breast surgery, people want to pursue a claim in order to pay privately for a surgeon who they trust to correct the problem. We have extensive experience working with claims where a person’s breast surgery has gone wrong and have a helpful guide to medical negligence compensation.

We can explore whether you have a case and take care of all legal proceedings. Please note, we do not take on claims for negligence that has taken place abroad.

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