Post surgery complications leading to leg amputation – £260,000

Mr Wilson, a long distance lorry driver started to experience pain in his left knee, seven years after knee replacement surgery. The joint was found to be infected he was advised that he required a two-stage replacement procedure, first to remove the original replacement joint and insertion of antibiotic spacers to clear the infection. Once the infection was clear, a new knee would be put in.

The first stage surgery was postponed four times before taking place eight months later. Six months after that, Mr Wilson had the knee replacement surgery. Three years later – and after ongoing treatment for infection – he had developed osteomyelitis and required an above the knee amputation of his left leg.

We pursued a claim on the basis that the delays in performing the first stage of the procedure had allowed the infection to take hold, resulting in a protracted case of sepsis leading to osteomyelitis and, subsequently, amputation

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