Case studies - Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery - Failure to perform neck lift – £12,500

Mrs Heath’s cosmetic surgeon had agreed to perform a face lift together with a neck lift. During the surgery, the surgeon decided the neck lift wasn’t necessary and so did not do it.  Mrs Heath was not satisfied with the outcome and made a claim on the basis of breach of contract and negligence.

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Cosmetic surgery - Breast reduction surgery complications – £85,000

Miss Graham underwent surgery to reduce the size of her breasts. Over the following 18 months she suffered a series of infections and abscesses in both breasts which left her with extensive and unsightly scarring. We obtained evidence from an independent surgeon who confirmed that the surgery had not been performed adequately and that an excessive amount…

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Cosmetic surgery - Inadequately performed breast surgery – £50,000

Mrs Williams underwent bilateral breast surgery. Prior to the operation she was specifically told that her nipples would not be moved during surgery. When the bandages were removed after the operation Mrs Williams discovered that he nipples had been moved and were in a very high position. She experienced loss of sensation in her breasts and…

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