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Birth Injury


The birth of a child is a special moment and cause for celebration. While the majority of child births take place without any significant problems, there are some instances where the baby, mother (or both) experience a birth injury which causes physical and/or mental damage. In some cases, this results in the child enduring a life-long condition such as Cerebral Palsy.


When an injury results in the baby having a mental or physical disability that means extra care or aids or equipment are needed, compensation may be available. Similarly if the mother suffers avoidable injury, she too may be entitled to birth injury compensation.


As birth injury claims are complex, they can be extremely stressful for the family. At Gadsby Wicks, our medical negligence lawyers have the specialist knowledge and expertise to help guide and support you throughout your claim. For over twenty years, we have been obtaining compensation for families who have suffered in this way. See here for details of some of the successful birth injury claims we have handled.


For further information on birth injuries, how they happen and the types of problems they can cause, please click on the links below.



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