What happens at our first meeting?

If we believe that we may be able to assist you in pursuing a claim, we will need to meet you. An appointment will therefore be made for you to meet with one of our nurse advisers who are fully qualified nurses.

If you are disabled or have child care responsibilities so that you are unable to travel we will be happy to call on you at home.

At that meeting the Nurse Adviser will discuss and agree with you the most appropriate way for you to fund your claim. See the “Funding The Claim” section of this Guide for a detailed description of all of the possible funding options. Because of our considerable experience in pursuing claims for clinical negligence, we are confident that we will find a way for you to be able to pursue your claim whatever your financial circumstances.

One of the possible methods of funding your claim is legal expenses insurance. The law does not permit us to apply for legal aid on your behalf or offer you a conditional fee agreement until we have checked if you have an existing legal expenses insurance policy available to you that provides sufficient cover. Many people do not realise that they have this insurance, which is often included in a household buildings, contents or motor insurance policy. Please therefore bring with you all of your insurance policies and those of anybody living with you so that we can check them.

Please also have with you at the meeting details of any social security benefits that you are receiving together with your national insurance number.

After the meeting with the nurse adviser you will be introduced to the lawyer who will handle your case, who will also explain what will happen next.

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