How can I fund my claim?

Because of the expert knowledge and depth of investigation required in order to bring a successful claim, negligence litigation can be expensive. Understandably, people can be very worried about the legal costs. However, because of changes in the law, it is now possible for anyone to pursue a claim through the Courts without taking any financial risk. Whatever your financial situation, the funding options available at Gadsby Wicks give you access to justice without you having to find the money upfront to finance the claim – guaranteed.

We offer three ways of funding your claim:

  • Legal Aid Scheme

This is a public funding method whereby the State agrees to cover your risk of incurring legal costs and is available for certain types of claims relating to injuries to children at or around the time of birth. We have been granted a Legal Aid Franchise by the Legal Aid Agency to pursue claims in this way for those who are eligible.

  • Conditional Fee Agreements

Sometimes called “no win no fee agreements” this is an arrangement where we take on the risk of legal costs. This means that we only get paid if we win the case and you pay nothing if we lose.

  • Legal Expenses Insurance

This is an existing insurance policy that includes cover for legal expenses. It is often included in general household policies and many people do not realise that they have it. We review any existing policies that you have at the outset to determine what cover you already have in place.


We will discuss all of them at our initial meeting with you and advise you which is the best for you. The advice we give is totally independent and based on your situation and circumstances; the option you choose does not make a difference to our fees or the service you will receive.

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