Perforation to the duodenum during ERCP

Mrs Thompson underwent a CT Cholangiogram for investigation of epigastric pain. No specific problem was identified but there was evidence of some dilatation in the Common Bile Duct and suggestion of an obstructing stone or stricture. Mrs Thompson was listed for an ERCP to be performed in hospital.

During the ERCP, the doctor noted that it was a difficult procedure involving a sphincterotomy but she did not find any evidence of stones or strictures. Following the operation, Mrs Thompson suffered from severe abdominal pain. An abdominal x-ray and a CT scan on the bowel, and this showed no evidence of the bowel having been perforated during the ERCP and Mrs Thompson was discharged. However, a later CT scan when she returned to A&E with severe abdominal pain revealed that her duodenum had been perforated.

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