Failure to diagnose tear in aorta, leading to death – £165,000

45 year old Tom Bailey was taken to hospital by ambulance in the early hours of the morning suffering with severe chest pains. He was diagnosed with gastroenteritis, a urinary tract infection and benign positional vertigo. He was prescribed antacids and anti-emetics and sent home.

A few hours later, his wife took him to A&E as the pains in his chest and abdomen continued and had been sick twice. They were told that he had suspected appendicitis and he was admitted to hospital, where he had a number of tests before being discharged home four days later.

A few days after, he suffered a cardiac arrest and was taken to hospital where attempts to resuscitate him failed and he died.  A post-mortem revealed that a tear in his aorta had caused his heart muscle to become filled with blood.

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