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Delayed Treatment of Ophthalmic Injury – Mr G

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Last Updated: 31st Oct 2023

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Mr G saw his optician complaining of flashing lights and floaters in his left eye following a minor bump to his head the previous day. The visual field test carried out by the optician showed a defect in the peripheral vision in Mr G’s left eye, and so the optician referred him to the local A&E.

At A&E a CT scan was arranged and advice was also sought from the on-call ophthalmologist, who refused to attend and advised that Mr G be given an appointment at the eye clinic. Coincidentally, the CT scan revealed a pituitary lesion which was found to be a pituitary adenoma. Mr G was referred to a neurological centre for treatment. The tumour was subsequently removed.

Mr G’s sight did not improve following the delayed surgery treatment to remove the tumour and he became increasingly concerned. Almost a year later, a possible retinal detachment was found, for which he underwent surgery. Although the retina has been successfully reattached, the vision in Mr G’s left eye will now always be limited.

A medical negligence claim was pursued on the basis that there was a failure by the hospital to carry out a visual field test prior to the surgery despite the history and symptoms. Had such a test been carried out, it would have revealed the retinal detachment, which could then have been treated earlier with a better outcome for Mr G.


Liability was admitted in the Letter of Response and the claim settled prior to the issue of proceedings for £40,200.

This case was led by Amanda Smith.

NOTE: While our case studies are designed to give an indication of the outcomes that can be achieved in these circumstances, the compensation awarded in individual cases can vary significantly due to a range of factors, including effects on life expectancy, the severity of the negligence that took place, and the financial impact.

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