Delayed diagnosis of breast cancer – £5,000

Carol Smart, 76, discovered a lump behind the nipple of her left breast. Her GP referred her to hospital where she was given a mammogram and ultrasound scan. She was told that the lump was fibrous tissue and nothing to worry about. She was reassured again after a further mammogram eight months later.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer the following year, following another mammogram and ultrasound scan together with a biopsy and full needle aspiration of a lump under her arm, for which she was prescribed chemotherapy.

We helped Carol make a successful claim that the 19-month delay in diagnosing her breast cancer was negligent in that a fine needle aspiration or core needle biopsy should have been performed at her first referral to hospital. The delay led to a significant worsening of her prognosis and a reduction in life expectancy of 31/2 years.

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