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Uncategorised - Vascular Surgery

<h2>Nerve damage during surgery</h2> Following surgery to strip varicose veins, Mrs Knightly felt numbness of her left leg and could not stand. She was subsequently informed that there had damage to the main nerve caused by the surgeon removing a retractor too quickly at the end of the operation in a rush to get the…

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Uncategorised - Inadequate nursing care

Failure to monitor bilirubin levels At birth Ross suffered from a medical condition which caused his bilirubin levels to rise. He required blood transfusions and phototherapy but the bilirubin levels were not monitored properly and were allowed to rise to unacceptably high levels. As a result Ross suffered permanent damage to his hearing. Compensation: £55,000…

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Uncategorised - Inadequate care in the labour ward

Delay in delivery leading to neo-natal death Compensation: £18,000 Mrs Cummings’ midwife referred her to hospital when, at 37 and a half weeks into her pregnancy, she started experiencing symptoms including swelling of her face, hands and feet and episodes of blurred vision. She was found to have high blood pressure but was sent home without…

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