Case studies - Misdiagnosis claims

Misdiagnosis claims - Delayed diagnosis of meningitis – £5,870,000

Tamsin was seven years old when she was admitted to A&E, complaining of aching limbs and diarrhoea. She was lethargic and dehydrated and had had a high temperature for four days. She was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection and discharged with a prescription for antibiotics. The following day, she had pain in her neck and…

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Misdiagnosis claims - Failure to diagnose infective endocarditis – £27,500

Mr Forbes had multiple health needs. He was taking long-term anti-depressant medication for depression and anxiety and was diagnosed with diabetes and a hiatus hernia. After having a valve replacement for aortic valve disease at a specialist Cardiothoracic Centre, he started to complain of chest pain, a racing heart and a burning sensation over his whole…

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Misdiagnosis claims - Undiagnosed subdural haematoma – £8,048

One morning, Mr Rowe was found on the floor of his home having fallen and struck his head on a coffee table. An ambulance took him to  hospital, where he was diagnosed with anaemia and a chest infection and admitted for a blood transfusion and prescribed antibiotics.  A CT scan wasn’t performed until four days later, when became unable…

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