Over 25 years of specialist medical negligence expertise – the difference it makes to your claim

In 1993, the late Roger Wicks and Gillian Gadsby set up Gadsby Wicks Solicitors in Chelmsford, Essex. Their aim was to provide specialist legal advice to patients who had been injured in the course of their medical treatment, to help them make a claim for financial compensation. 25 years on, Gillian Gadsby – Managing Partner – explains the difference this specialist expertise can make to someone making a medical negligence claim.


“From the outset, we decided that we would only work for injured patients and their families – not hospitals or doctors – and that our lawyers would be excellent litigators with the skill, drive and determination to be outstanding legal specialists in this field.


Accurate, up to date advice to help your claim succeed

“By working exclusively for claimants and only in the area of medical negligence, over the years our lawyers have gained a huge amount of experience of every type of claim as well as maintaining up to date working knowledge of changes in processes, procedures and rules.

“This means that, not only can we give a realistic estimate of the level of compensation a claim is likely to achieve, we can also advise on the evidence that will be needed for a claim to succeed and the best way to progress the case through the legal system. All of this means a greater likelihood of achieving:

  • good settlements for our clients
  • faster settlement and
  • fewer delays as the case progresses”


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Using experience and medical knowledge to help build a stronger case

“Whilst we are not doctors, our extensive experience of reading medical records (which we do for each and every client) – along with our ongoing Continuing Professional Development training requirements as APIL and Law Society accredited specialists – means that we can often spot things that could have a significant impact on a case. This can often arise in cancer cases in particular. In these examples below, our solicitors’ expertise helped determine a more substantial claim for medical negligence beyond the facts of the claim for which the clients initially came to us for help.”


• Delay in diagnosing cervical cancer, resulting in unnecessary hysterectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy

Mrs A approached us initially as she felt that if her cervical cancer had been diagnosed six months earlier, she could have avoided some of the treatment she required. Due to experience of other cases and knowledge of how cervical cancer develops, the Gadsby Wicks solicitor suspected that the woman’s smear test from 2 years earlier – that had been reported as being normal – had either been misread or an inadequate sample had been taken and so arranged for the sample to be retested.

The results showed that the previous test had been misread and that there were pre-cancerous cells; if it had been correctly interpreted in the first place, Mrs A’s treatment would have been less invasive and her cancer cured.


• Poor execution of bowel cancer surgery

Mr Y came to see us after having surgery to remove his bowel cancer went wrong, leaving him with significant problems. The Gadsby Wicks solicitor noted in his records that Mr Y had had a scan 4 years previously, on which the report had recommended that he be referred to investigate an area that was hard to see on the scan and that might be obscuring the view of something sinister. The GP did not act on the report.

The solicitor obtained medical expert reports to show that, not only had the surgery been performed badly, but also that – had the GP referred him following the scan – Mr Y would not have required the bowel cancer surgery in the first place as he would only have needed a polyp to be removed and would have been cured.

• Helping clients achieve more compensation than advised by other firms

Our experience also means that clients come to us for a second opinion on advice they have been given elsewhere, regarding the amount of compensation their claim would be worth. In a recent case, a client’s former solicitor suggested that she accept an offer of £500 or, alternatively, pay the firm an additional £1,500 in order for them to investigate her claim further. Since she could not afford to pay an extra £1,500 to find out more, she approached Gadsby Wicks for advice.


After assessing the claim – which we offer free of charge – we were confident that the client was entitled to a lot more than £500. We took on the case on our usual No Win No Fee terms, and it recently settled for £25,000. Not only did the client end up with significantly more compensation, she also didn’t have to pay anything upfront or at any time during the progression of her claim.


“I firmly believe that our decision back in 1993 to specialise exclusively in medical negligence claims and only on behalf of injured patients has helped us provide a service to clients that is second to none,” says Gillian. “With a sustained focus on ensuring that all of the lawyers at Gadsby Wicks continue to develop their expertise and maintain their specialist accreditations, I feel confident that any client who comes to us with a genuine claim will be given the best legal advice to achieve the compensation they deserve.”


If you have been injured, your prognosis has worsened or you have required additional surgery as a result of your medical treatment, please speak to our specialists in confidence on 0800 321 3112 or click here to make an enquiry. 


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