Seven figure compensation award for girl starved of oxygen at birth

Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust has agreed to pay a seven-figure sum to a nine-year old girl with Cerebral Palsy caused by brain damage at birth due to oxygen starvation. She was born in 2007 at Colchester General Hospital.


Medical negligence solicitor Gillian Gadsby acted for the girl’s family.


“We are so pleased that the family finally have a settlement. This little girl is severely disabled and, since she was born, her parents have dedicated themselves to giving her the care she needs.


“Whilst nothing can make up for the level of suffering caused by a birth injury, the fact that the Trust has publicly admitted that she and her mother did not receive the appropriate level of care during her birth and, importantly, has issued a sincere apology to them, is hugely appreciated. The award will make a big difference to the family in helping them continue to make sure their daughter has the care, equipment and support throughout her life”


If a baby suffers a lack of oxygen (known as hypoxia) to the brain before, during or after delivery, it can lead to brain injury. If it is severe or not properly treated -such as through resuscitation – it can lead to permanent learning disabilities or disorders including Cerebral Palsy and hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE). Oxygen deficiency is also implicated in a significant proportion of neo-natal deaths.


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Posted 20th January 2017 | Posted in Birth Injury,News