Two Thirds Of GPs Fail To Meet Waiting Time Target

An investigation by the Healthcare Commission has found that less than a third of GP’s are able to offer patients an appointment within 48 hours, the target set by the government.

These findings are in stark contrast with figures published a year ago, when 80% of GPs were said to be meeting the target.

GP services are overseen by local Primary Care Trusts.  In previous years the figures were based on anonymous phone calls to surgeries by staff at the Primary Care Trust.  This approach was thought to be open to abuse, and there was suspicion that surgeries knew when they were going to be telephoned by the Primary Care Trust.  Therefore, this year, for the first time, the figures took into account patient surveys, and the difference in the figures is startling and requires explanation.

Posted 16th October 2008 | Posted in News,Uncategorised