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Cancer Misdiagnosis


Nobody wants to hear that they have cancer. Or that a loved one has it.  And if the worst does happen then the realisation that it could have been diagnosed and treated earlier makes the diagnosis so much harder to bear.

Cancer misdiagnosis can happen in a number of ways. There can be a complete failure of the doctor or hospital to even accept that the person is ill so no tests are undertaken and there is a delay in diagnosis and treatment. Maybe the tests are undertaken but there is a mistake in the way diagnostic tests are read, such as cervical smears which are said to be normal when they clearly show abnormal cells. Or there may be a misdiagnosis of the stage or grade or type of cancer which means the treatment offered is less effective.

If you suffer a cancer misdiagnosis in any way so that six months or more passes before you receive the correct diagnosis then this may mean that the treatment you require is different and/or that your long term prognosis is worse. For instance you may need chemotherapy when six months earlier surgery alone would have been enough. Or you may need a mastectomy for breast cancer when earlier diagnosis might have led to lumpectomy only. Or your chances of five year survival may have reduced. If this happens then you may be entitled to compensation.

Sadly, we have a fair amount of experience of cases involving misdiagnosis of cancer which has had an adverse impact on the patient. So, if it happens to you, we can help to get you any medical negligence compensation you are entitled to. Click on our case studies to see some of the successful claims we have handled in this area.


Case Studies


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