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Medical errors that lead to baby deaths need to be challenged

Posted 4th August 2017

If inadequate maternity care led to your baby being stillborn or dying shortly after birth, wouldn’t you want answers as to why it happened? Wouldn’t you want someone to take responsibility for the mistake that caused it? And wouldn’t you want the hospital to make changes to help avoid the same mistakes happening to other…

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The personal cost of stillbirth

Posted 30th June 2017

When Maria* and Liam* left the hospital after the stillbirth of their baby, they were, naturally, devastated.  According to NHS figures, more than 3,600 stillbirths occur in the UK every year. Around half are linked to complications with functioning of the placenta or happen because of birth defects. Sadly, most are unavoidable.   However, for…

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RCOG says better care during labour could prevent many birth injury deaths

Posted 21st June 2017

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) has issued its report following its investigation into birth injuries to babies. In it, they state that different care – in particular better monitoring of the foetal heart rate during labour – could lead to different outcomes for many of the babies who are injured or stillborn. Tami…

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