Spastic Quadriplegia due to birth trauma – £413,200

Miss Oliver was admitted to hospital at nearly 34 weeks after having a bloodstained show. She was thought to be dehydrated and given fluids. However, the following day it was found that she was overloaded with fluid and that the baby needed to be delivered urgently.  A Caesarian Section was scheduled but not carried out until the following day when it was rescheduled again, at which point Miss Oliver was found to be 7-8cm dilated, given syntocinon, gas and air and an unsuccessful attempt at a forceps delivery.

When a C-section was eventually performed, it was under general anaesthetic and it took two and a half hours before the baby was born. At birth, the baby’s head was swollen and bruised and there were two fractures to the right hand side of the skull. There was also evidence of subdural haemorrhages and an infarct.  The child sadly died aged seven, with a diagnosis of spastic quadriplegia.

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