Neo-natal death due to untreated sepsis – £35,000*

The Brereton family approached Gadsby Wicks following the death of their son Leon at 4 days old from sepsis which had gone untreated. The claim was made on the basis that three risk factors for sepsis were not identified when Mrs Brereton attended the hospital after her waters had broken prematurely at 35 weeks. Leon’s inconsolable crying and feeding difficulties after birth were also indicators for sepsis, but these were overlooked. Despite a student having ordered tests because of sepsis being a possible diagnosis, Leon and his mother were discharged home by a paediatrician who, it seems, did not refer to the test results. Leon died the following day, after being returned to hospital by ambulance for emergency resuscitation which was, sadly, unsuccessful. Intravenous antibiotics given either at birth or later, could have saved him.  Following an Inquest, at which the Coroner was critical of the hospital, breech of duty was admitted.

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*Additionally, Leon’s father was awarded £4,000 and his grandmother was awarded General Damages of £12,500 for the trauma they had each experienced.

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