Neo-natal death due to mismanaged delivery of breech – £80,000

Mrs Davis’s waters broke at 37 weeks and she attended hospital where she was monitored by CTG. An internal examination confirmed her waters were broken, she was booked for induction of labour at 8am two days later and was discharged home. A few hours later, her contractions started. They came every half hour and gradually became stronger and more frequent over night until they were coming every 6 minutes.

Mr and Mrs Davis returned to the hospital at 6am next morning and a CTG was put in place. Gradually the contractions began to slow down and become less frequent and the midwife suggested that Mr and Mrs Davis go home.

When Mr and Mrs Davis returned the following morning, the midwife carried out an internal examination and said that something felt odd. The consultant carried out a scan and diagnosed the baby as a breech with a foot in the cervix. Mrs Davis was therefore booked for Caesarean Section several hours later as she had eaten at 7.30am. The baby was delivered but, after resuscitation attempts failed, was pronounced dead 30 minutes later.

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