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Buyer beware – medical negligence claimants need experienced legal representation

Posted 15th April 2019

A recent High Court ruling has highlighted how important it is to choose a legal adviser with the proper qualifications and expertise, when making a medical negligence claim. In a case concerning an unqualified adviser, Judge Jennifer Eady, QC, found that George Rusz and his firm Troy Lucas and Co in Romford were professionally negligent…

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Gadsby Wicks announces retirement of medical negligence lawyer Jane Canning

Posted 4th April 2019

On March 29th, we said a fond farewell to one of our longstanding colleagues who has announced her retirement.  Litigation Executive, Jane Canning has been with Gadsby Wicks since 1996 and has enjoyed a successful career at the firm.  An accredited APIL Senior Litigator with experience in handling a wide range of medical negligence claims,…

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Over 25 years of specialist medical negligence expertise – the difference it makes to your claim

Posted 21st January 2019

In 1993, the late Roger Wicks and Gillian Gadsby set up Gadsby Wicks Solicitors in Chelmsford, Essex. Their aim was to provide specialist legal advice to patients who had been injured in the course of their medical treatment, to help them make a claim for financial compensation. 25 years on, Gillian Gadsby – Managing Partner…

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Southend Hospital to pay £9.5 million compensation for 10 year-old boy injured at birth

Posted 10th October 2018

Following the recent settlement of one of his cases – where a £9.5 million compensation settlement was agreed for a ten year old boy with Cerebral Palsy – specialist medical negligence solicitor, Alan Mendham, discusses birth injury claims.   What does compensation for a birth injury cover?   When a baby’s brain is deprived of…

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Sepsis claims lives – be aware of the risks

Posted 25th September 2018

At Gadsby Wicks, we regularly get enquiries from patients wondering if they could make a claim for medical negligence regarding the treatment they have (or haven’t) received for an infection. Often, the word ‘sepsis’ is mentioned.   What is sepsis?   Sepsis is a serious complication of infection and is a medical emergency. If spotted…

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Gadsby Wicks introduces the story of ‘Hannah’ and her family in a new TV and radio campaign

Posted 1st February 2018

  From 15th January 2018, viewers of ITV in the Anglia region will see our new Gadsby Wicks TV advert. The advert features actors portraying a typical family who have experienced how a medical accident can change lives. In this scenario, the father is telling a friend that his daughter ‘Hannah’ – played by model…

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Medical errors that lead to baby deaths need to be challenged

Posted 4th August 2017

If inadequate maternity care led to your baby being stillborn or dying shortly after birth, wouldn’t you want answers as to why it happened? Wouldn’t you want someone to take responsibility for the mistake that caused it? And wouldn’t you want the hospital to make changes to help avoid the same mistakes happening to other…

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