Undiagnosed subdural haematoma – £8,048

One morning, Mr Rowe was found on the floor of his home having fallen and struck his head on a coffee table. An ambulance took him to  hospital, where he was diagnosed with anaemia and a chest infection and admitted for a blood transfusion and prescribed antibiotics.  A CT scan wasn’t performed until four days later, when became unable to speak and lost the use of his right arm and a subdural haematoma was diagnosed.  Mr Rowe continued to deteriorate and became increasingly confused and agitated and was unable to eat or drink. He then began to suffer fits and ever increasing frustration, pain and difficulty in breathing until he sadly died in the early hours of the following morning.

Mark Guy, pursued a claim on the basis that Mr Rowe was not properly assessed upon his admission to hospital. He should have undergone a CT scan of the head in which event the subdural haematoma would have been diagnosed and he would have received earlier treatment and would not have died as he did.

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