Stroke due to failure to treat heart condition – £95,000

James Farmer, 39, was referred to Cardiology because of problems with his heart. He was diagnosed with a bileaflet prolapse of the mitral valve with severe leakage and was referred for immediate surgery.

During his time on the ward, he had periods of severe palpitations which he reported to the nurses and the doctors. The reports were ignored. He was not prescribed any anticoagulant medication and was discharged home after four days. A week later, James suffered a stroke at home.

Investigations showed that the stroke had been caused because his erratic heartbeat and palpitations (atrial fibrillation) had allowed clots to form in his heart. We helped James make a successful claim that the hospital were negligent in not recognising the risk that the atrial fibrillation could lead to the formation of clots and, in turn, a stroke. Treatment with anticoagulants would have prevented this.

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