Case studies - Other

Other - Failure to monitor bilirubin levels – £55,000

At birth, Ross suffered from a medical condition which caused his bilirubin levels to rise. He required blood transfusions and phototherapy but the bilirubin levels were not monitored properly and were allowed to rise to unacceptably high levels. As a result Ross suffered permanent damage to his hearing.

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Other - Pressure sores – £40,000

Following a lengthy stay in hospital, Mr Moss developed pressure sores on the lower part of his back. He had to have surgery to remove damaged tissue and was left with two large wounds which subsequently became infected. We pursued a claim for Mr Moss on the basis that better nursing care should and would have…

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Other - Fall in hospital – £12,300

Having suffered a stroke which left him with partially sighted and with poor mobility, Mr Martyn was admitted to hospital for review. While making his bed, nursing staff placed Mr Martyn in a moulded plastic chair with no arms or sides. He fell out of the chair, suffering concussion and died shortly afterwards. We pursued a…

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