Case studies - Injury in surgery

Dental Surgery - Dental Surgery

Nerve, bone and muscle damage during root canal treatment Professor Hunter’s dentist treated her problematic premolar with an inlay in 2007. Over the next two years, it had to be replaced two or three times until July 2009, when the dentist informed her that she required root canal treatment. During the treatment, the drill went…

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General surgery - Perforation to the duodenum during ERCP

Mrs Thompson underwent a CT Cholangiogram for investigation of epigastric pain. No specific problem was identified but there was evidence of some dilatation in the Common Bile Duct and suggestion of an obstructing stone or stricture. Mrs Thompson was listed for an ERCP to be performed in hospital. During the ERCP, the doctor noted that it…

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General surgery - Bile duct severed during keyhole surgery – £250,000

Mrs Alexander underwent keyhole surgery to remove her gall bladder, after discharge she felt very unwell and suffered from a swollen stomach, high temperature and jaundice. She was re-admitted to hospital where it was discovered that her bile duct had been severed. Mrs Alexander underwent surgery to reconstruct the duct but suffered from continued complications.…

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