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Sharon Goodwin

Senior Nurse Advisor

Registered Nurse (SEN, RGN)

We are often there to support families should a case go to inquest. Because we were the first ones to meet them and hear their story, we can be more hands-on later on in the process.

Sharon Goodwin

Why did you become a Senior Nurse Advisor?

Ever since I was a child, I always had a passion for nursing. I have been working in healthcare since I was 18, and have been responsible for supporting elderly people and those with vascular problems throughout my career.

Today, I work as a Senior Nurse Advisor, a role that combines my love and experience of healthcare with my fascination for law, allowing me to help those affected by substandard care get the legal support they need.

Even if we feel a case cannot be pursued, simply being a listening ear and offering an explanation is something many are grateful for, which has kept me motivated for more than 20 years.

What is your medical background?

I have been nursing since 1982, and have accrued a broad range of experience across the UK that spans oncology, end of life care, vascular problems and elderly care.

My time as a healthcare professional has allowed me to build a significant amount of knowledge on medical conditions treated inside hospitals, GP surgeries and support services.

What motivated you to join Gadsby Wicks?

Gadsby Wicks was the perfect place to take the next step in my medical career as they had an outstanding reputation, and were hiring for an interesting position that combined my knowledge of healthcare and my interest in law.

Having been at the firm since 2003, I can safely say that the firm’s reputation is well earned. They carefully select the cases they take on, handling all proceedings with absolute attention to detail to secure the justice and compensation clients rightly deserve.

Gadsby Wicks takes time to thoroughly investigate every case they proceed with, gathering supportive evidence to reach the best resolution for claimants.

Sharon Goodwin

What are your responsibilities at Gadsby Wicks?

As a Senior Nurse Advisor, I am responsible for:

  • Taking new inquiries as the firm’s first point of contact

  • Guiding clients through events and collecting key information

  • Making in-depth notes that I present to our solicitors

  • Detailing how the legal and financial process works with claimants

  • Representing Gadsby Wicks at inquests, as and when needed

My decades of experience as a nurse are invaluable day-to-day, helping me understand the events that led to a patient’s negligent treatment, and aiding me when conducting further research.

I also strive to be a great listener, empathetic to each and every enquiry I listen to, working collaboratively to ensure my colleagues have the information and support they need to progress with their caseload.

What do you find fulfilling about your role?

I find it incredibly fulfilling to see the cases I bring to the team reach a favourable outcome. I have witnessed first-hand the impact justice, answers and compensation has on individuals and their families, and being able to play a role in this is something I find highly rewarding.

For individuals the firm is unable to act for, simply being there to listen and answer their questions helps them come to terms with what has happened – something I still find gratifying after more than 20 years at Gadsby Wicks.

What do you do outside of Gadsby Wicks?

During my time outside of the office, I sit on the committee for a local amateur dramatics group and perform in local productions – a passion I have kept up for more than 10 years.

From my first meeting with Gadsby Wicks, I was made to feel comfortable and "at home". I was not patronised in any way (which I believe can happen in these situations). Everybody I met, Sharon Goodwin, Matthew Smith and Tony Mitty all showed empathy to my situation, which was appreciated.

Mr Sutherland

Qualifications and professional memberships:

  • Registered Nurse (SEN, RGN)

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